You are in good hands with Heather! She is an amazing healer and teacher. She helped me through personal sessions, and I loved her Quantum Touch classes so much I attended them 3x!

— April Walker, Holistic Practitioner

A true healer for me is one who has the ability to connect with what needs tending in order to bring me back into wholeness. Heather’s ability to access her many gifts simultaneously is what makes her healings so powerful. She is a healer’s healer, which means she’s willing and quite able to go beyond this place to get to the next. That kind of skill is way beyond formal training in any healing education. Although her work shines through in all her modalities what she has done for me has come from medicine we can’t find in books. My most recent experience with Heather was beyond phenomenal as she completely immersed herself in a healing for me that required an extended period of natural and super natural Cryotherapy. It created a release of lifetimes of pain and suffering that quite honestly surprised me as I felt them melt away. On that particular day that was a significant removal and shift. I am on a journey, and Heather’s ability to tune into my harmonic tone during that healing has and will continue to help me in my life’s purpose. She is a true healer, and I am oh so grateful she has shown up for me.   

— Shaun E. Herbst, Lizzie Moon, Many Blooms!

Heather Watson is a very talented healer. She is spot on and very present in her sessions. She has an unmistakable connection which powers up every session I have had with excellent results. I recommend her highly to anyone looking for a lasting healing experience. Thank you, Heather!!

— Donica Salazar

The best thing that I’ve ever done for my body, mind and soul. I am not sure where I would be without Heather. I highly recommend her.

— Maggie May

Heather is one of the purest healers I’ve ever met. She has a true natural ability to heal and such insight and clarity. She has a huge heart, and I know and can feel how much she cares and wants the best for me. I have no doubt her other clients feel the same way. Over the last several years, I’ve had numerous remote intuitive sessions with her. I do not exaggerate when I say that every session has been life-changing. I’ve seen the effects manifest in my life, and I have no words for how grateful I feel. Heather is an exceptional healer and a kind, caring person. I would not hesitate to recommend working with her to anyone. It would be one of the best decisions you could ever make for yourself and your loved ones.

— Molly

Heather is such a gift to me and my children! She has cleared multiple allergies for my daughter and myself. When I first came to her for my daughter, I was at the end of my rope. It seemed like everything was bothering her, food-wise. When we finished all of the allergy treatments, we could go back to eating normally. Such a relief! So, when my 2 month old started exhibiting signs of an allergy, I did not hesitate to have Heather treat my baby. After the treatment, he has been the happiest, easiest baby!

— Marisa

I was introduced to Heather Watson by a good friend who noticed that I was struggling with allergies and difficulties from a stroke. From our first meeting, I knew I was about to experience a whole new perspective on health and wellness. I am continually impressed by her professional and cheerful demeanor. Her knowledge of different modalities and techniques is unsurpassed. I love the way, she can begin a session and turn on a dime and improvise the healing process! She looks at the individual and knows just how to treat and heal the difficulties with such a caring feeling you can immediately feel. I see her regularly and look forward to each and every visit. Heather is such a special person, and one that I call my friend.    

— Bob Lippert

Heather has helped me in many ways – physically, mentally, spiritually. I have freedom of mind, no chains attached. I feel like I can think clearly and freely. My understanding… is greater. I had no idea what Quantum Touch was in the beginning, but she uses several modalities to help you get well. Thank you, Heather, and all the healers that assist.

— Jo Ratzlaff

I am very satisfied with Heather’s help for me and my boy, Lukas. Everything worked out for the both of us with NAET allergy work. She is a good listener and gave me the correct answers to all of my questions. I am very satisfied with her. I recommend her to other people because she has good wisdom and a good heart. I wish her best of luck on her way to make people satisfied with wisdom and health.

— Markus and Lukas

I really enjoy working with Heather for a few reasons. When she did distance healing with me, I felt the shift right away in my mind and spirit. I felt clear, balanced and confident again. Then when I was in person with her, I appreciated how organic and fluid her work is. She has vast knowledge in many areas of healing and brings this purity and peace during the sessions. I love the energy that she embodies and how restored I feel after time spent with her.

— Nicole Ottman- Holistic Health Practioner & Transformational Therapist

One of the best healing experiences of my life was my first quantum touch session with Heather. Felt like a giant generational weight was lifted off of me. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.

— Gabriella Renee Taylor

I have worked with Heather twice now for two different purposes. Both were a series of events or changes in my life that cause me what I would classify as extreme energy disruption in one way or another. The first was about a year and half ago. There was someone in my life that was going through some life disruptions of their own and consequently their personal energy field became extremely chaotic and weak. Unfortunately, this individual does not believe in energy such as Heather works with and therefore has never learned ways to control or replenish their own energy field. As a result, when this individual is not feeling good or is physically tired, etc, they perform a kind of energy draw (likely unconsciously), as if those around them are power grids to be plugged into at need, attempting to replenish their own energy field with energy pulled from those around them. I quickly found I am strongly affected by this chaotic energy and keenly feel this kind of energy draw. In desperation, I contacted Heather in the hope of learning some techniques to protect my energy field from the assault it was under (pardon my dramatic terms). Not only is Heather very adept at sensing and assessing another’s energy, but she is very skilled at teaching some methods by which one can maintain the progress/improvements she reaches in a session. Heather taught me techniques I still use today to help protect my energy from the proverbial power grid treatment, as well as techniques I frequently use to clean up or “de-clutter” my own energy in order to distress and improve my emotional stability. Then, about a year ago, my home life had a permanent change (no, not a death or birth). This change brought about a permanently recurring energy disruption that can vary from mild to extreme depending on varying factors. Using Heather’s techniques learned before, I have often been able to protect my own energy and can generally recover my energy well. However, over time the energy in my house itself became more and more cluttered and chaotic until it reached a critical point where my house began to drain my energy, as well. Heather was able to clean and de-clutter the energy in my house and help me put shields up to help reduce the introduction of more chaotic, cluttered energy. I think it an entirely accurate assessment to say that working with Heather has been a major contributor to the fact I am still sane today. Her skills are an amazing gift from the Lord that she uses to improve the lives of others, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their personal energy.

— Sabrena Rose

Mi experiencia de Quantum Touch con Heather es unica y maravillosa tanto en terapia como en clases. Me ha ayudado mucho a sanar mi ser completo en situaciobes muy complicadas; a mi hija con necesidades especiales tambien le ha ayudado; a mi como madre he aprendido de Heather a sanar con energia a mis hijos adolecentes que se lastiman por los deportes, a sanar emociones, en si sanar de diferentes maneras a familia y amistades el poder de la energia es increible solo tenemos que habrir nuestra mente y corazón a formas alternativas de sanar desde la raiz y no superficialmente como esta acostrumbrado. Gracias. Muchas gracias. Heather eres una de las fortalezas en mi aprendizaje y si estoy lista para prepararne como practicante e intrustora de Quantum Touch. Attentamente.

— Martha G.

I experienced my first Quantum Touch (QT) Class in November 2017. I began to practice and to give myself QT therapy with Heather. As I experienced the healing properties of QT, I felt extreme overall feelings of wellness. I noticed a big change with my horrible painful headaches that I have suffered with for many years. I have experienced these torturous headaches for around 15 years. I have tried all types of medication, but nothing worked until I started taking the QT classes and additional therapies with Heather, as well as my own QT self-therapies. I began feeling a progressive improvement in my physical and emotional health. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have met Heather and learned of this illuminating Quantum Healing Touch Therapy.

— Jose Hurtado

At the Turlock Health Expo. Heather Watson was talking and demonstrating her techniques as a guest speaker. I was immediately intrigued. What inspired you to take the Live Level 1 Workshop was seeing my friend and others get immediate relief of pain/discomfort from a mini-session held in the demo. I knew right away that this was a technique I wanted to learn more about, so I decided that I would sign up. I bought the book so I could start discovering what this was all about. I would take another class from Heather. Heather was knowledgeable and very easy to talk to about personal experiences that related to Quantum Touch (QT). I felt like I was at a women’s retreat (all women class) and Heather was my life coach. She shared many of her personal stories of helping others heal and really inspired me to be a better version of myself. The most outstanding part of the class was the exercise where we ran energy into Orange juice and compared the taste with OJ that we didn’t run energy into. That was an outstanding learning experience because it basically validated our ability to see that we were indeed running the energy through our bodies. When we used the tonal breath in conjunction with running the energy through ourselves onto our partners, almost all of the students, including myself, went through some kind catharsis that began initial healing within. Since taking QT, I’ve committed to taking better care of myself both mentally and physically by omitting caffeine and alcohol from my diet and lifestyle. That way, I can maintain a higher vibration to help others raise their vibrations and heal. There’s no turning back for me. Energy work is my calling, and I’m excited to finally find my path in this life. I am so very grateful - thank you, Heather!

— Casie Hansen

I may be a staunch atheist, however I have an open mind. I’ve been doing remote sessions with Heather for a number of years now. I’m amazed with Heather’s work. She has helped me tremendously in getting through difficult times.

— Alex

Heather is an intuitive psychic healer that is able to connect to your mind and soul wherever you are. She’s lighthearted. She spoke to my soul and brought up and out of me the soul being that I am but have not been identifying with.
She is gifted, very powerful and well trained in her abilities. I feel the light in her presence. And leave always feeling renewed and at peace with my being. I recommend her for healing of the physical, spiritual and psychological sense. If you are uncertain of a path to choose she will help you gain clarity and expose your role in the situation. I feel everyone should check in with her every now and again, even if you feel you don’t require healing or insight. She’ll call on your Angels and other unseen forces and connect you with your spiritual family.

— Jana

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