Biofeedback is a system that measures stress on the body. Biofeedback uses electronic equipment to monitor a person’s internal physiological state and give feedback that can help the recipient learn how to control their physiological state, to activate balance, to let go of stressors, or to recover from them. It is a stress-reduction, vibrational energy therapy. Since it uses energy on the Quantum level, distance healing is possible, (similar to Reiki and other distance healing techniques).

Every part of a person’s body - every cell, tissue, or toxicity in the body - has its own resonant signature that can be measured by electricity. The Quantum Biofeedback system is able to measure the energy of the body and send frequencies back to balance it in real time.

Benefits of quantum biofeedback:

  • Increased feelings of well-being

  • Lowered stress

  • Helps put you in charge of your own healing by providing you with measurable feedback, and allowing you to monitor your progress

  • Anti-aging benefits

  • Safe for adults, children, and pets

How it works

The biofeedback devise scans your body, much like a virus scan on a computer. During each session, we will run a comprehensive test that measures the body’s frequencies. The ionic exchanges of reaction that takes place in your body and brain (at 1/100 of a second) are measured as energetic components in your body. The scan identifies imbalances in the body such as viruses, nutritional deficiences, allergies, and hormone levels by measuring how the body reacts to the frequencies of those items. Then energetic frequencies are sent back to the body to balance it and restore harmony.

The EPFX-USB is a two-way system. The device gives and receives signals, so it can evaluate and alter the amplifications or frequencies, as the person’s body demands. It also gives a rectification percentage to ensure the client has received the proper level of balancing.

The EPFX-USB establishes a cybernetic feedback connection or “handshake” with the person to guide the therapy regimen. This works like the global positioning devices now used in automobiles to identify locations.