Allergy Treatment

NAET Allergy Healing

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), is a natural and effective approach to reduce any allergies. It is a natural, drugless, painless and non-invasive method, which can be used safely on individuals of any age (infants to the elderly) and regardless of the individual’s health. Allergies can be eliminated through N.A.E.T., along with the symptoms arising from the allergens. Allergens are cleared (treated) one at a time with this technique, and best results are obtained if allergens are cleared in a specific sequence. Normally only one item is treated on a given day, however the soonest you can do another is four hours apart.

It is important that the client follows all instructions in order for the session to be effective. The substance must then be completely avoided for 25 hours following the treatment. In most cases it only takes one to three sessions to eliminate an allergy. Individuals who are highly sensitive may sometimes require additional combination clearings. The average client needs to complete a series of about 15 sessions to obtain the best results. Note that the more severe the condition, the more sessions are required.

For more information you can also check out for research and results of NAET treatments. I also recommend you download an app called Nutrients or one similar that you can look up the vitamins in each food.