Lungs: Cycle of Birth and Death

June 16, 2019

I recently lost my father. This has been both difficult and eye opening in so many ways. One of the things I realized was my place in the Universe has shifted up a level, meaning that on my Dad’s side in my generation I am the “oldest”. While I have had this revelation of what is happening externally, I am also doing lots of deep work internally to change the space inside of myself. So in all directions my focus this year is on “space”; meaning how to I create space for myself, how to I give others space, and where do I hold myself in space.

During a recent acupuncture appointment I learned somethings about the Lung Meridian. Now my father had died of lung cancer, so it was not much surprise that as an empath I was holding the grief in my body in my lung energy. Now the lung is a cycle of life. Upon the inhale the Qi breath of life is born, and during the exhale the purge/release/death is expelled. This is a cycle of birth and death on the micro and macro level we have been doing unconsciously for our entire lives. When we are born the most important is that first breath, and when we die there is the last breath.

Another image to understand the lung meridian is this story. It is Autumn or fall the time of natures death season. You are sitting on a park bench watching the leaves blow in the wind and noticing their beautiful colors. The colors that are created because they are dying. You watch the swirl of golden, red, and brown gently fall into the earth. In that moment we are choosing to cling to our grief of spring from when the leaves were green and on the tree. We may grief of spring and summer that has already past, or we can exquisite gratitude and love for the beauty of transition that is now. Honestly life is nothing but transitions, and we are constantly changing from one season to the next.

The lungs represent new life and death each time we breath as you are doing right now. With each inhale and exhale we create a life-time. This explains the power of the breath and why we can use it to heal. All of life is about birth and death even down to each second of our breath. How do you deal with transition? Do you hold your breath? Can you breath easily into the next cycle of transition? We must get comfortable with all of the seasons of life and all of the spaces we hold in this life. In that way we may create harmony with all of the spaces we hold in this life, including the large organs that hold space in our bodies…the lungs.

Heather Watson

Written by Heather Watson who lives and works in Sonora, CA helping people. You should follow her on Facebook